How to find out who retweeted a retweeted status from



HI all,

So far I understand how to get retweets for any given tweet.

My Question is how do I find out how a user retweeted the status.

For example, on my home timeline I frequently see retweets and I then retweet the retweets.

It’s easy enough getting the original author, but what Im asking is how do I find out who a user retweeted a retweet from?




So you want to find out which user retweeted a certain Tweet, like on Twitter Web “Retweeted by Officialandyp”?

When you walk through the home timeline with the API, you’ll see Retweet entities appear, much like the response example you see here:

The fields within that Tweet object refer to the Retweet, while the original Tweet will be listed as retweeted_status. So, get the user who retweeted the Tweet by parsing the user sub-object.

Or are you trying to get a list of users who retweeted a certain Tweet? In this case, take a look at GET statuses/retweeters/ids.


I don’t think that’s quite what he was asking. The user sub-object that is embedded in retweets refers to the author of the original tweet. I believe he wants to find the intermediary author of a retweeted retweet. To clarify, say Bob posts a status that is then retweeted by Jim. John then sees Jim’s retweet and retweets it. Johns retweeted_ status will show Bob’s screen_name and will show the context of the post but will not show that he retweeted via Jim. Is there any way to trace John’s retweet to Jim I believe is the question