How to find out if followers are following back (incompatible rate limit issues)



I want to find out which of the people I am following are following me back (must be a typical requirement!). I can get the IDs of my followers using GET friends/ids and get back 5000’s of IDs. To find out if they are following me then I can call GET friendships/lookup but this only takes 100 IDs and can only be called 15 times each 15 minutes (so it only works if you are following less than 1500 users). There is also friendships/show but this is per ID and will be even worse.

Are there any other ways to get this information that can be more compatible with the GET friends/ids user limit?




The friendships/lookup & friendships/show endpoints give you detailed info, but you can get away without it:

Using the /followers/ids endpoint (5000 per call, just like friends/ids), the overlapping ids between all your friends/ids and followers/ids, will give you the ids of the accounts you’re following who follow you back.


Great Idea, I will use this method!