How to find old tweets?


I’ve been trying to find my first tweet ever on Twitter. I’ve had my account @Milionare since August 7, 2009… which is almost 3 years. I don’t remember my first tweet. And I’ve tried various sites on searching tweets, but some of the best ones (according to their descriptions) have shut down and all the others either require typing the words on the tweet to find them (which I forgot), require hashtag, or are limited to 3,200 tweets. I also noticed that deleting some tweets, will bypass the 3,200 limit by showing older tweets. But considering I have over 13,500 tweets… no way am I deleting over 10,000 tweets just for that.

I guess you could say I’m clever, I also tried tracking the tweets back to August 7, 2009 by changing number on Twitter links like this for example: But considering over 10 million tweets were made that day… I decided to call the “number-flipping” method quits. Either that, or I’d go through all those tweets just to find my first tweet.
I also read some old threads. I get that tweets aren’t archived past 3,200. But by any chance, can you find other methods to helping me track old tweets. Also, if a developer or twitter staff member is reading this can you help me find my first tweet? Here’s the link to my profile:



Through the REST API, a user timeline can only go back in time approximately 3,200 tweets – for some users that could cover 3 years, for others like yourself, it’s only a few months worth of tweets. At this time there’s no programmatic way with our APIs (unless you had recorded each of your tweet IDs) to retrieve this data.


Regarding deleting newer tweets to bypass the 3200 limit - I’ve tried this as well, and seems that now I just see less than 3200. Is there some sort of refresh time before they’ll become visible, or are they just pushed out of the viewable list?


There’s the 3200 limit. And then there’s the search option… just type in @username in the search bar and you’ll see your TOP tweets. Click the ALL option. However you have to scroll down a lot of times… but it displays even the oldest tweets.

I tried yours sir and this is what showed up as your oldest tweet


hye…im in desperate to find info for my dissertation.
i cant retrieve the account of QPSmedia, - police agency in Queensland which dated way back in January 2011. I need to see the pattern of tweet
help me guys…thank you


You could type in the twitter search bar:
from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd

So if you wanted to see your tweets for August 2009, type:
from:Millionaire since:2009-08-09 until:2009-08-31

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi, I am having the same problem as @peanutkacang and I just tried what @verbalpolaroids said but it did not work. Help, please!


Hi, I just read your “call” on How to Find Old Tweets. Did you made it? I am having the same trouble as you. Thank you.


For searching one’s own limeline, I have found the most effective way to be downloading one’s archive and running a simple CTRL+F search in Excel.

It should work for finding your first tweet, too.


i want to get my Tweets from 9 appril 2014 pls help


Go to your settings on a computer (it won’t work on the app) and click “Request Twitter Archive” it will ask you to put in your email affiliated with the account and then you will have to wait a bit, as it takes a while, and then it will email the link to your tweets.