How to find description for each columns in campaign export data zip file?



Lot of columns are there and would like to know the description of it. Im using my company account for twitter data analysis. While we export the data from Campaign export data option, we are getting lot of files. Ad groups, campaign, location,gender. But we dont what does that columns in each excel means. Pleas ehelp


Hello @Kirte1127

The information that you’re looking for can be found on our documentation page. You should be able to find the descriptions for all the different column types there.


To be more specific about my question, im looking for description or breif information of each and every column mentioned below. Please help
ad group,ad group url ,time ,start date, end date ,spend, impressions, engagements ,billed engagements ,retweets ,replies ,follows ,clicks
media views
likes card
engagement rate link clicks
app clicks
leads link
click rate
App click rate
lead rate
follow rate
call to action
video starts Video played 25%
Video played 50%
Video played 75%
Video completions
video views
cost per link click
cost per lead
product type
current remaining budget current bid
current campaign daily budget
current total budget
Pre-roll video starts
Pre-roll video played 25%
Pre-roll video played 50%
Pre-roll video played 75%
Pre-roll video views
Pre-roll video completions


@Kirte1127 That is all the information I can provide at this time. I encourage you to checkout our business documentation for more details on those columns.