How to fetch value of metric "Results" using Ads API


On the screen management:
When I press to customize metrics to show on table.

A pop up will be displayed. I see a metric named “Results”. When I check it, its value will be shown on summary table.

I found all metrics at metrics-and-segmentation but I cannot see it.
So, my question is how can I fetch the value of metric “Results” by Ads API?


Hi @dudoan1234,

The API analytics has all of the metrics returned within results, but they are returned separately (IE. link clicks or video views). I can’t speak to the design of the Ads UI, but I assume this was created to make results read easier. Which API Partners are free to replicate as they like.


Hi @goforbrent
Sorry, I do not understand your answer clearly?
You meant that I cannot fetch “Results” metric by Ads API. Is it correct?


Results is just a placeholder for the campaign objectives main result. For example when looking at a website clicks or conversions campaign, Results = Link clicks. If you are reviewing metrics for a promoted video views campaign, Results = Video Views. Those metrics are already available in metrics returned.


So, the value of result depend on campaign objectives.
I found the document about objective-based-campaigns
And I also refer an old post at Campaign “Results” in API?

So, Can I understand like this?

Depend on value of Objective -> We can fetch Result by below structure

  • Objective = APP_ENGAGEMENTS -> Result = app_clicks
  • Objective = APP_INSTALLS -> Result = app_clicks
  • Objective = AWARENESS -> Result = impressions
  • Objective = FOLLOWERS -> Result = follows
  • Objective = TWEET_ENGAGEMENTS -> Result = engagements
  • Objective = VIDEO_VIEWS -> Result = video_total_views
  • Objective = VIDEO_VIEWS_PREROLL -> Result = video_total_views
  • Objective = VIDEO_VIEWS_MIDROLL -> Result = video_total_views
  • Objective = WEBSITE_CLICKS -> Result = url_clicks

Is this structure correct?


There was another thread here but you can look up the charge_by to also confirm the billable engagement being displayed. To re-iterate the naming ‘Results’ was probably just for consistency since otherwise it would be a bunch of different things depending on objective and settings.