How to fetch email id from Twitter login using twitter4j library for android app?


I see “Is there a way to get an user’s email ID after verifying their Twitter identity using OAuth?” link on stack over flow which said “we cant get email id from twitter” due to latest api authentication from API developer side. Is any solution to get email id after login from twitter? I am using twitter4j2.2.6 library.

Thanks in advance.
Harjindra Singh.


Email address has never been made available as part of our OAuth 1.0A flow. There’s no way to retrieve it from the API.


is there any way to get user password and user screen name.


You can get their screen name once having received their access token (by making a request to account/verify_credentials). You cannot obtain a user’s password.


is there any way to get emailid.


what’s the procedure for getting email id?