How to extract data from a Twitter profile?


I’m currently doing a research on Twitter where I collect all data referring to a phenonema to my Twitter profile. I simply retweet those tweets.

I now have about 6000 tweets, and I wish to extract those tweets to analyze them afterwards.

But how can I extract data from a Twitter profile?

NVivo10 offers this service, but while using their 30-day free trial, I could only get a .nvcx file. And it’s useless - I cannot even open it with NVivo10.

And when I google “how to extract twitter data”, I get people who wish to extract twitter data - from search queries. And this is not my case.



Twitter profile data is available in [node:10320]


I was also looking to extract twitter data.

I am interested in conducting a text mining overview on twitter data of different businesses but need all of it to do it comprehensively.

If I use this method will it extract all tweets or just some?
What file format is the data when using this method?


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how to extract data from twitter for data mining



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@mahdi_q2001 Hey,
I am a student , and in my project I need to extract data from social networks (Twitter) for analysis, please how can I proceed this extraction, I have to use what tools and what API for extact.
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