How to embed twitter widget into a jquery dialog?


I have been trying for some time to get the twitter widget into a jquery dialog box, but have had no success. I have no issues getting the widget to appear normally on a regularly loaded page. I have tried to make the widget load in a separate page which is linked to as the dialog box is opened, and it seems to be close because the widget will load up for a brief second, but then the dialog refreshes and it dissappears. I was thinking of doing an asynchronous load on the dialog, but I am not positive how. Any help would be really appreciated. The site I am working on is


One update, on a hunch I wondered if the dialog was refreshing at the end of the opening “slide” effect. Turns out it is, so i removed the timer on that and now the twitter stays open (unfortunately my dialogs are broken from the dynamic loading but thats a separate issue). Anyone have any ideas on how to delay the opening of the dynamically loading page so that I can still use the slide effect?