How to embed Twitter in Web Page


I run the Birthplace of Dylan Thomas in Swansea, Wales, UK. So that our visitors can interact with our Twitter site we would like to set up a screen which contains the Twitter Compose Box so that visitors can post tweets about their experience of their visit.

Is there software or a way that this can be done so that the Compose Box is embedded in a wepage so that all the visitor has to do is compose the tweet and then send


A Tweet button is the best way to encourage visitors to create a new Tweet.

Note: authoring a Tweet requires a logged-in Twitter account. If you are setting up a kiosk or other public computing environment the in-person visitor will need to log in to his or her Twitter account then log out to reset the browser’s access to Twitter for the next person using the computer.


Is it possible to set up so that it goes back to the Compose Box after a tweet has been sent rather than logging out and resetting the brower’s access to Twitter for the next person to use the computer