How to download pictures in bulk all together from Facebook and upload them to Twitter alltogether



I have 4000 pictures on my facebook business page

I want to copy all the pictures from my facebook business page to my Twitter account. So there are 10 albums on my business page with total 4000 pictures and I want to upload them all to Twitter. Is it possible if yes then how? My engineer friend told me that you would need a api to download the pictures from Facebook business page for those 10 albums first all together . Once its downloaded then you would need a api of Twitter site to upload them all together. So he told me anyone who is a master in making api would know how to do that. Its just some codes and its not just for Twitter it can be done with any social media website. If someone knows about API very well. Can someone help me with this please?


Yes your friend is correct, you could use the media/upload endpoint to add the images to Twitter. However this forum is for technical implementation questions and discussion and you seem to be some way from implementing anything, so do let us know later if you have problems using the API.