How to downgrade for support iOS 7


Hello everyone,

I just downloaded Fabric for my project and setup twitter integration. Everything works fine.

Now, I must give support to iOS 7 in my project. But when I change deployment target to 7.0, twittercore gives error “TwitterCore doesn’t support iOS 7.x and lower. Please, change your minimum deployment target to iOS 8.0”

How can I downgrade fabric or frameworks that support iOS 7 ? I tried a lot but not a chance.


Hello, mrbasloteasd there is no link in your reply, can you check it ? Thank you


As I see, iOS 7 support is broken on v2.0.0

So I need the previous version aka 1.15.3.

How or where can I download it ?


Hey @fattalgazi,

You can grab the 1.15.3 version via Cocoapods and set the version to 1.15.3. You’ll also want to use older version of the SDKs that rely on it as well - So Twitter 1.15.3 as well.