How to display permission acces in api my new web page


Hy sir, im newbie from indonesia,
i want to ask you about display api every thrid party use OAuth and twitteroauth…

i want to make a new page in my web to validate grant acces to third party where user agree to grant permission in my web page with combo box, if user agree user can checklist checkbox and value true so direct to api with token, and if false user can use third party.

and i need function to display able and disable like my screenshot, and example my new web like this …
help me :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately this is not possible, and you will need to use the Twitter-provided web flow.


so, i can get meta data or function to call permission access to display ini my new page??
can i get sourccode it??


You will need to redirect to the Twitter-provided web page where the user can login and grant access, before being redirected back to your site. You may not embed the login / permissions pages in your own site.


yes sir, i need redirect to twitter, but please cek my prototype new page verify permission in , this web page use “if” manual function and display manual with php, if all checkbox true so riderect to api , and the problem i want to make new page connect to api permission with meta data or function to call R/W/DM automatically (in order display “This Apllication Can or Can’t be Used for Developer” automatically update with check box) . if permission apllication permission has been change to R/W/DM so …verify.php display automatically … and if user want to use my aplication , user must grant or checklist all checkbox and ridect to api …

do you understand what i want sir??