How to determine success of POST lists/members/create_all call




If you use the POST lists/members/create_all to add members to a list, how do you determine if they have been successfully added. It would be nice if the API call returns ids of user successfully added but it doesn’t, maybe one user got added and the other didn’t, you can’t tell.




Calling will return members of a list, or for an individual.

There’s an important part in the docs about - adding / removing accounts from lists in bulk:

Please note that there can be issues with lists that rapidly remove and add memberships. Take care when using these methods such that you are not too rapidly switching between removals and adds on the same list.

Last time I was adding lots of people in bulk i ran into this kind of thing - users not being added - or not appearing in /members/show - but already on the list - or web interface reporting one thing, REST API another… Best way to deal with it is to work slowly - and give it several minutes between bulk calls & membership checks.


Sure, its possible to do another API call to get the members of the list. It would be nice though to be able to get the info in a return call to the create_all function, just an array of sucessful IDs (or failures) would be nice, anyone from Twitter listening?

Thanks for the advice, Igor