How to determine my level of access to the Ads API



I have just found out that there is a new rate limit change in the Ads API, that will become effective today (2011-11-11).

As stated, the rate limit will be affected by the level of access a particular application has.

We have started using the Ads API about a year ago, when there were no access levels, so I don’t know how to get my current access level. I would like to understand how our app is affected by this rate limit change


@m_taleski there’s no self-serve way for you to see your access level just yet, but you could determine by looking at the rate limit you’re currently seeing and comparing it to our documented rate limits.

Related Documentation:

If you can provide your app ID here someone can also confirm your level of access.


Hi @brandonmblack,

Seeing a cost rate limit of 5000 in the response headers indicating we’re on Standard tier, but also a normal rate limit of 2000 which doesn’t really make sense… Could you confirm on which level of access the app with app ID 8368540 is?




@Tianape that actually is correct. For stats endpoints, there are two concurrent types of limits.

You are limited to:

  • 2000 HTTP requests per 15 mins (number of requests).
  • 5000 request cost per 1 min.