How to decide how many people to follow when my following list reaches to 5000



Twitter has the limit of 5000 followers.After that, it raises the rate limit error. I read about it in docs and also google but I did not get idea of how to break this limit. Some websites says increase your followers count then limit will automatically increase. I want to know, Suppose I have x no of followers then how many total people I can follow?


Please make sure to read through our automation rules. Sounds like you might in violation of our policy:

Automated following/unfollowing: You may not follow or unfollow Twitter accounts in a bulk, aggressive, or indiscriminate manner. Aggressive following is a violation of the Twitter Rules. Please also review our following rules and best practices to ensure you are in compliance. Note that applications that claim to get users more followers are also prohibited under the Twitter Rules.


I have read about the rules. One of the rule/policy of Twitter is " In addition, every account can follow 5000 accounts total. Once you’ve followed 5000 accounts, there are limits to the number of additional accounts you can follow: this limit is different for every account and is based on your ratio of followers to following."(

Actually, I want to know the exact ratio. Suppose I have 100 followers and 500 following, so my follower to the following ratio is 1:5, then how many additional people I can follow? Is there any formula/algorithm behind this? I think Twitter does not clearly mention the formula, that would be a great help.


That ratio is not something that we document or declare. This is not a developer platform question. Please use other support channels for help with your questions.