How to create Twitter Feed by name AND hashtag


I want to create a twitter feed that only shows tweets by specific users AND hashtags.

For instance, not just a twitterfeed of my username: @metropochris

But a twitter feed of @metropochris ONLY when I also use a specific hashtag (i.e. #austin)

So I would want this feed to include this example tweet…
@metropochris: About to head to downtown #austin

But it would exclude this example tweet…
@metropochris: I just made a new post on the blog.

I would ultimately like to enable this for a list…for instance a twitter feed only of @metropochris/examplelist that only consists of tweets that use a specific hashtag (i.e. #austin).

Does this functionality exist?


Hey mate - I just found this out.

Create a timeline widget, and in the search query field, type ‘FROM:@metropolchris AND #austin

That should theoretically sort you out.





Just tested , this doesn’t work.

Maybe twitter deprecated it.


instead of #austin try %23austin