How to create Twitter button with the name of my last post?



Sorry, this is not “Twitter for websites” but very similar.

I’d like to customize my newsletter for those subscribed to my blog via email so that when they click the Twitter button in the bottom of the mail containing my last post they can answer me directly on Twitter with a tweet containing the link to my last post (so that i know what they are answering me about).

I tried but I couldn’t find the right code for that. The only thing I could find was the code for creating a new, empty tweet with no reference to my last post’s title.

I don’t need the line of code with the number of tweets, just the Twitter button.

Hope somebody can help.


I think you’ll want to make use of the “Tweet Intent” instead of the Tweet Button – it’s just a simple URL that you can easily customize.

If your last newsletter was at and you wanted to prepare that URL and some text like “Placeholder comment” along with it, you could build the link like:

Hope this helps.


Hi Taylor

Thanks for your help. Doesn’t seem to work for me. I need to contact my feeds’ provider to settle that.