How to create twitter api with username and password in my application in php


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i have some problem with twitter api. i have create application with login form. user enter with twitter username and password with in my login will login the twitter application and send the message to his friend.

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Collecting a user’s username and password is not an acceptable way to authorize your application. You’ll need to use OAuth:


Hi kurrik,

I have a doubt , then their will be manual interaction of user with following steps.Suppose we done an application of twitter for a mobile.

Installing the application and it will have consumer_key ,consumer_secret.Then how will application get access to twitter user’s data , with out pincode (which will be generated at a certain link, after user logged in, through which access tokens will be generated). So my question is when will the user use application to logged in (i mean until pincode).


The application will not have authorized access to the API until it directs a user through the OAuth flow and obtains an access token.


where to get consumer key and consumer secret


Hover over your name in the top right hand corner of and select “my applications”.


where to get consumer key and consumer secret


please help me . how can i create api using twitter library


In the app’s page


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