How to create response message to new followers


I would like to create a message to welcome our new followers that will be sent to them automatically. How do I do that? Thanks a ton!


You’d need to write an app that listens for new follower events and responds. However, we strongly advise against this (it is generally annoying to other users) and we also recommend that you refer to our automation rules.


Hi Andy! Thanks for replying so speedily. I was only thinking about this as I sometimes receive these responses from people that I have just followed. They then send me a link to their website. I would have liked to make new people aware of the fact that they can win a book if they subscribe. But I will think of other ways. Thanks a lot! Elke


I have just looked at the automation rules and have found one that could help me:
“Run creative campaigns that auto-reply to users who engage with your content” How can I set up such auto-replies? That would also work for me, even better. Thanks, Elke


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