How to create dynamic data_widget_id for dynamic search queries?



I have a situation where I have to embed tweets for different search queries. Since each query has unique data_widget_id, I couldn’t use the inbuilt widget creator. How can I create data_widget_id for each search query on the fly?


Moving to the Websites category as this is not Fabric specific.


A new embedded search timeline must be created through


Yes, I used that to create a widget and included in my application for a single query. Problem is - in my application, user feeds search queries and the application has to provide related tweets. How can we create widgets dynamically?


You cannot dynamically create an embedded search timeline widget. You must save a new search through the widget creation interface on


Well, we can define the screenName when the widget is created, right? We’re using that capability now.

Is there a way to add a hashtag or other search term at creation as well?


Displaying the results of a search term, including a hashtag search, requires creating a widget ID for the search term through


Sorry, my previous response lacked clarity.

I meant that we can override the existing screenname when we create the widget reference in our javascript code. I’m wondering if there is a similar method to override the predefined widget hashtag at runtime?


An embedded search timeline’s search query is stored in the widget configuration. There is no dynamic override available.


Is this still the case? Is this a feature in development? I would love a custom search embedded on my website.