How to create an auto reply bot to a specific user?


What I want to do is auto @reply to someone when they tweet. For example, if a celeb tweets something, I want to auto reply to that so I appear as the first reply and get traffic to my account.

Is this possible? I know it’s possible to auto reply when someone uses a keyword, but I just need tp auto reply when a certain account tweets anything. Actually, I KNOW this is possible because someone on Twitter is charging people so they can use his/her bot. I DMed him/her and they wanted $40 a week for it! I can’t afford that. :laughing:

They said they used scripting, C ++ and JavaScript.

I’ve been on sites like Zapier and apparently its possible on there but I can’t get it to work :frowning:

How is this done? So many people do it and I’ve been looking for a method for literally a year. It might not even be allowed but I really need this :smile:


The method of doing this is fairly simple if you break it down, however going through with it and creating something like this might go against the “Automated replies and mentions” section of Twitter’s policies (


Yeh, don’t care about my account being suspended, always wanted to try this. It probably does go against the automation policy… How would you do it then? Is there an article online that I can read, or maybe a website that can do the automation for me? Just how do you do it and is it really that simple?!