How to create an app without mobile #


Now i can create app without mobile number :slight_smile:

First,sign up in with an app in your phone without an phone number,after this done,try adding your phone number in “Settings and help” of your account,if Twitter keeps saying “Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your carrier yet!” after trying to add a number to the profile,just contact the custom service:,they will contact you soon.problem solved~ :slight_smile:


how i m also facing same issue.


It’s working on android phone as well :). Thanks !!


What happened with me is funny…
I have one mobile number, and 30 twitter accounts for products of one company, and i have to create 30 apps for them, so that they share the related products to the stream… just imagine hehhehehee

I used to get into each account, add my phone and verify it, create the app, get back to the settings and remove the number!

it took me 3 days to complete the apps, because twitter didn’t allow me to “overuse” the same number.

now im trying to test the sharing module, it is not working, im not sure if the component has problems or the twitter don’t allow me to use the apps if there are no phone registered as well!!!

i will tell you what happens… if you have any detail, please inform me



Update: all carriers are now supported!


Hi aaronhoff,

Im from Argentina, nearly desperate trying to create an App since more than one month, tried with both biggest carriers of my country, severl numbers, all the number formats you can imagine, tried with a friend Mexican number, and also with a US number. I never got the confirmation code. The situation is very dissapointing, since i created an App in the past without any mobile number in the middle.

I also filled a form trying to get help from support, and nothing.

Is there something to do, besides pointing me to the supported carriers page?

Thank you,


I work at a software house and I need to create a development application and an application on the clients account, neither of which are people or have numbers.

This is upsetting, I understand you want to prevent platform abuse but this is getting in the way of legitimate work. I am blocked on my project until a support person gets me past this problem.


I was going to create an app for my Raspberry Pi using a separate twitter account, but I can’t really do that now because I like having security on my personal twitter.
This is a stupid idea. Unless you are creating public apps, I don’t see why you need a number. If it’s a private app and not freely available anywhere, you should be free to do whatever you want.


i have the same problem to


thx lol


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh This requirement makes no sense and now I can not connect my app! ahhhhhhhhh


This makes no sense at all and cell phone numbers are recycled. Fairly easy to see that someone could have verified a mobile number under their account and then someone else get’s that mobile number in which they try to verify but can’t because it is associated with another account. You can’t dissociate something you do not control.


My problem is I only have one mobile, which is linked to my own account, but I need to sort an app for my work account. What’s the best way around that without taking out another phone contract?


It seems that I’ve found a simple solution. Just download the twitter app & install it on your smart phone, then sign in with you account. Now try to create application again, I was success.


Twitter, this really is a stupid thing. I have just tried to create an App and now not only do I have to download the Twitter App on my phone (Which before was an inconvenience) but NOW, you make me enter a mobile phone number on the profile? I have a number of (business) Twitter accounts, how man mobile phone numbers do you think I have??

Please, reverse this!


This is so bad. You state…

Update: all carriers are now supported!

But I am on Vodafone in NZ and there are no errors saying this carrier is not support but I never receive any text with any codes. Ultimate frustration. You should really look into another way of varifying developers.

I’ve tried the alternative methods above but still no texts received.

Please help


I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of complaints. There is no way that requiring a separate mobile telephone number for each website that wants to add a twitter streaming widget is a reasonable security measure. Why can’t multiple accounts share a phone number and then I can have widgets for my personal twitter account and my company’s account and my other website’s account? If I am abusing any of the policies on ANY of my accounts then you can shut them ALL down at once - which makes your job of policing trolls even easier. Please, please reevaluate this policy and fix it.


I am a developer and each client wants to utilize Twitter. Not all of them have cell phones. So here we are stuck because I cannot proceed.

Maybe Twitter could create DEVELOPER permissions that would allow us to do this, many people would put more of our chips into their company.


Just adding my name to the list of developers who need to create multiple apps, but don’t have multiple mobile phone numbers.

If I missed how to do this, can someone please point me to the solution? Thanks.


I will skip my WTFs for trying to sort through this… I run a few education sites that tweet out a daily creative challenge, echo one a different twitter account. I am not quite sure this will work but I logged into the last account I added my phone number to in order to create an app and deleted my phone number.

Then I registered that number with a different account, just so I could hoop jump and create my app.

Now the question to see is if the app really requires a phone number cemented to an account to work or just as a hoop to jump through to set up.