How to create an app without mobile #


Wondering how to create an app for twitter without adding a mobile # to an account.



I’m wondering when this began. I can’t create an application without adding a mobile # either. ??


Its frustating. I don’t even have text plan on my mobile device to send the confirmation code.


The same problem. Can not create app without mobile. I tried to enter mobile but Twitter does not support my carrier. It was not a problem before - how can I manage it?


The same problem. Can not create app without mobile. My country not supported.


The messages don’t even arrive to my phone with my provider. It’s listed as supported but doesn’t work at all. Thanks twitter! (EDIT: see below)

It seems to be a relatively new change, there aren’t messages about this that are older than 3 days. (And I’ve created another app before without having a mobile phone number added)

NINJA EDIT: nevermind, in my case it’s a problem between keyboard and chair - I am supposed to send them a SMS, not the other way around.


Same problem - yet again this begs the question - Twitter do you even think about, oh I don’t know, maybe making a blog post or some kind of announcement in advance to a major change that is going to affect all of the developers that currently care to spend time with your api?


Twitter says we have no right to develop twitter app without mobile phone???


OK, and how can someone create a Twitter application when it is not possible to add a mobile number? Twitter keeps saying “Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your carrier yet!” after trying to add a number to the profile.




Same thing here. I am not able to register a new application without providing a mobilephone number. Twitter does not support activation by SMS shortcodes for Germany and the longcodes don’t work. What now?


Got the exact same problem, this is ridiculous!


If I do enable my mobile phone, will I get spammed with all kinds of advertising?


now i can create app without mobile number :slight_smile:




This situation is crazy, how can we create an application if there is no way of registering a phone number in my country ???
And what about the plenty organisations using twitter applications? They do not have individual phone numbers… This change is going to block so many uses of Twitter it makes absolutely no sense…


This has no sense. Twitter does not support my carrier.
What can we do now?


First off, we are really sorry about the troubles you might have with app registration. We are experimenting with new requirements for application creation to reduce abusive uses of the platform.

If you’re unfortunately unable to meet these requirements, please use the last form option on and a member of our platform operations team will assist you.

Cannot add phone number to twitter account

@froginthevalley: Thanks for the answer
I tried already before posting here and will keep waiting for an answer.
But I want to insist on the fact that having a phone number as a requirement for using an API seems totally unacceptable for so many reasons:

  • an API is made for machines not for humans
  • scientists use the API separately from their own account to study data
  • plenty of Twitter users are not individuals but organisations
  • and so on…


We have the same issue when setting up an application to facilitate communication between a clients website to twitter (ie… K2 blog component for Joomla!)