How to create a post status string (tweet)



I simply wonder how it is possible to create a complete string in order to post “Hello World” as a status update.

I have checked “” in order to understand. I dont understand all but almost. However this API is out of date and not working anymore.

I am banging my head to try and create this string correctly. I know about encoding characters as " " to “%20” etc.

It would be so great if anyone could provide a complete example string and tokens etc to pass in to make it correct!

MY ATTEMPT which is not entirely correct:


which API are you referring to? as far as I know the documentation is up-to-date.

Are you using a client library?


You are using the old version (1) of the Twitter API, make sure you use the correct endpoints, for example:

(also note that it is preferred to send the oAuth details as Authentication headers, but it should work regardless of which way you do this)