How to create a new card?


Earlier twitter cards were created as per following article:
and it was working all well.

But now, i am not able to create a twitter card. Only i getting following URL:
which is to validate card.

How to apply for new card now?
I am trying to validate


I’m not actually able to load that page in a browser. Pulling it via curl does succeed, but the page only appears to contain a header with some meta tags. The tags look valid, so I’m not sure why Twitterbot (our cards agent) isn’t able to retrieve them.

Documentation on Cards is available on our developer website. This details how to setup your meta tags, and it looks like you’ve done that. If your page was successfully submitted to the validator, you’d then be able to apply to have the card verified.

I’m not certain why the validator is failing to retrieve your page but I suspect something is going on with your server?

Your twitter:image:src tag contains[]&scale=height[200]&sink=format[png]&key=key[635460526943920000],nocache[true]

Trying to load that in the browser presents an image which implies that maybe something is not configured correctly either?


Yes we used only meta tags to ready information.
And similar information is retrieved from following URL
But, this page was validated in earlier twitter card page.

We create dynamic images, that is why we have a different kind of image URL.
But it is all working fine on above URL.

Why it is not getting validated on

Please help


I agree that your other site works and validates.

All I can tell you is that something is wrong / different with that site. I suggest you check the configuration of the server.

$ curl\?retrievalCode\=RCE39C3BBA86

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="">
    Could not get Response from Services


Hi, I tried again following URL

Not it is validating, but giving following warning:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 11 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary tag found
WARN: Not whitelisted

I am not able to send Request Approval. Why?


Hey , It is activated now.


Great! glad you’re up and running now :thumbsup: