How to create a hashtag page?


I’m not a developer, nor am I asking about my twitter account, and I do not know where to put this.

I also do not know how to contact the staff at Twitter directly.

It’s come to my attention that twitter has launched HashTag pages for companies or brands.

Redirects you to this page:

Now, CarlosX360 has been planning for a while to use #CarlosX360 in the near future as the company and/or brand plans to begin expanding.

How can I, the company founder, get this kind of page?


I have the same question


me too, I’d like to know how!


We’ve not made any announcements in this regard and there is not yet a venue to request this feature.


We are also interested in creating a page.


would be very interested to know more on this


I see that NASCAR has created a page for their hashtag. If there is not a feature, how does one go about doing it?


Hashtag pages are for events rather than a brand. Here is an article for some reference. :slight_smile:


Me and my friends get together and form a group unofficially. We are not using FB too much, rather we have much more fun on Twitter. We want to form this kind of special hashtag page for our groups. But as I said before it’s unofficial group, so we dont wanna pay sth for this kind of page. Also we dont want anybody to get involved our conversation just by writing a hashtag that we decide on. If Twitter allows ordinary people to form this kind of page, we’ll be very glad.


How do I create a hash tag for my new book Deadly Negligence and website


TY 4 facilitating my work.How can I get a hash tag 4 my twitter account? what R the conditions?
appreciate YR help…


me too, I’d like to know how ??


Guys ive been following this thread for a while now and asked the very question all of you are.

So i have decided to build this product myself , please feel free to get in contact with me regarding this


I am student