How to confirm Twitter card is deactivated?


Things did work fine. Domain was approved, and testing gave the right result.
However, my plan for using Twitter card has just changed.
Instead, I would just want to put my domain: without showing card.

It’s because when I want to mix with other web links like YouTube’s, my Twitter card took precedence, against my intention.
So, I removed all from, but the Homesite’s title image is still appearing on the left ‘Photos and video’ gallery block.
It seems to be cached and I wonder how long it will take to be cleaned up.

How can I confirm Twitter card is deactivated with the absence of from the formerly validated URL?
Or if I should wait, how long?


Thanks for reaching out.

Typically, you need to wait up to 7 days until we re-crawl your site. However, you can use this technique to test/re-fetch:


It seems like if tweet has combination of media link and twitter card link, last added one takes precedence. Until meta is re-crawled to be nullified, I guess I have to put target media link at the end of the tweet, to have it displayed as intended