How to compose TWITTER APP CARD for iOS Mobile?



How to implement the following feature(TWITTER APP CARD) - tweet from my iOS Mobile App. I could use SLComposeViewController (i.e. the “tweet sheet”) which will enable me to tweet any text, image or link you want from within my iOS Mobile application. But not sure how to compose Twitter APP CARD and tweet it on my account.

I have the embed code for creating the App Card but not sure where to embed this in XCode.

Please help!

Naresh Palarapu


Twitter Cards requires that you have a website that holds the HTML cards markup describing your iOS application – the URLs shared in the tweet point to your web application which then points to your iOS application in app card markup. Twitter crawls these URLs as they get tweeted and attaches the card to such tweets with the proper mapping to your application.


What is the difference between adding a URL to a website that holds the HTML cards markup and just adding a link to the app in the app store? Is it so that you can redirect to the proper app store for the platform being used, with just one URL? i.e., store all the links to the various apps for different platforms on one website, tell Twitter where it is, and let it figure out which app to link to?


Is there a way to track how many downloads the cards is successful in getting?
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Thanks Taylor Singletary!


Hi Taylor Singletary,
I am getting same issue with my twitter card. On validation page its showing card status “approved”, but there is not any deep linking available when I used to twit my Domain.

Here is the link of twitter cards

Domain :



Hi @vinay,

I see it when I tweet and view. Are you viewing on a mobile device?


Hi @rchoi,
Can u please explain what and how you tweet ? And what view you are getting .As i am not able to get any card attached when i tweet “”.

Please explain step by step , and if possible attach the screen shots.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Akshaya Deo


Please start by reading here:

You need twitter meta tags on your site.