How to collect 5 million users' tweets


Hello, for my Ph.D. thesis, I need to collect tweets of 5 million users for a month. I was planning to use Streamin API with filter option but it allows me to collect only 5000 users’ tweets. Do you have any better suggestions? Or, do I need to create 1000 apps and use their API keys, and collect all the data I need, which sounds impossible to do.


Before starting such a program you should carefully check our developer rules of the road and related policies, especially regarding permission to collect / store tweet data.

The Streaming API is limited to listening to 5000 users on the filter endpoint. For more than this, you should use a certified data partner like Gnip.


Thank you for your help. I fully respect the rules and privacy. I will only store data for mining purposes and will not share to anyone.


Also please note that this

goes against §3 of the Developer Rules of the Road.

Have you already identified 5m users of interest, or are you just looking for a sample of tweets across any 5m users?


Thank you Isaach. Twitter does not let me create more than 3-4 apps anyway. And, I already have identified 5 million users but I could not find a way to collect their tweets. Any help would be appreciated.


The free public API just isn’t really designed or intended for that volume of access. You might want to check out the commercial data products available from Gnip: