How to clear my url as spam?


URL wrongly treated as spam

We have the url of our site being treated as spam by Twitter, but according to Google search:, ask me east and our clear url.

Our site is

Thank you.


See our support article on this subject at [support:90491, title=“My Website is Being Flagged as Malware or Spam!”]


Hello thank you for attention

In my research was past this page, also was there I saw the address check Google. But this same page states that I should open a ticket but there just have choices about resource accounts and has no option to url. And yet I sent by one of the forms as reporting spam and I did not return.

And the url is still marked as spam when I try to inform the tweet.

Can you help me?


The form flow does seem a bit wonky right now. Try emailing with as much detail about your domains and tweets linking to them.


Hello Taylor,

I come back to bother you, because not getting return, I sent e-mail on April 13, almost a month.

The url of my site is still marked as malware.

Is there any other procedure that I can follow.

Thank you very much and once again his attention,



My domain name is It has been marked wrongly as spam in twitter. Google doent say my website to be so.I have diagonised with the tool you have given in your guide. None of my posts were to be shared in twitter. Help me out…


please help a decent content led website helping people to track their lost phones, laptops and tablets but it has been marked as SPAM on twitter although google says it has its safe to visit.

we also raised ticket to twitter thrice buy no response.

please do the needful asap.



Hi @3gadgets, Please provide your ticket number and I will look into this.



I have my site ( marked as SPAM by mistake. Google has declared the site as safe ( I have opened numerous tickets and I haven’t got any response yet. Can someone help me please.

Case# 03703649




I am a representative for our twitter account with Hulett & Associates Realty. I have not been able to post a tweet since Friday, August 8. Every time I attempt to post something (Link, no link, photo, no photo) a message pops up saying this:

“This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.”

I don’t see how congratulating someone on purchasing their first home is spam? Please look into this issue so we can get this resolved and move on with our twitter posts.


Hulett & Associates Realty



Like a few others on this forum my twitter app’s URL has been marked as spam BUT I’ve confirmed on google that my site contains no malware nor does it generate any spam ( Currently Refollow has ~300 paying users and it is becoming increasingly frustrating to not be able to post our URL on Twitter because it is wrongfully identified as spam.

I’ve filed no fewer than 5 tickets on the page to resolve this issue with no response for months. Please advise on how we can resolve this issue.




I have had the same problem. My new website, is being marked as spam or malware whenever a link is tweeted.

Any solutions to this?


Please see My website is being flagged as malware or spam on our Support pages for assistance. We cannot respond to support queries of this kind on these developer forums. Thanks!

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