How to claim anothe Twitter account from someone I don't know? HELP!



My name is Nicole Murphy and I work for a film company called Main Street Films. We are currently beginning to promote a film called Barely Lethal with some A- lister stars and we really need to claim the @BarelyLethal account. I tried to reach out to the person who owns this twitter name and I have not heard back. Is there anyway you can help me contact this person and ask them if we can claim their twitter name? It looks as if there account has hardly been touched. Thank you for your time and looking forward to your response.



Hi Nicole I received your e-mail and I will try my best to help you locate this acct.I am new to twitter so I am just learning how to use it. I hope we are following each other for it would make it easier for to contact you. Not to sure if you can claim another persons acct on here,seeing they own it,wether it is active or inactive but will give it my best shot to help you out