How to change Tweets text in the header?


Hello everybody,

I would like to change Tweets text in the header of my embedded timeline to Tweetit (Finnish language).

I have not found anything related to this on

To be honest, I would not like to use some css or jquery hacks … but if there is no other option, I would have to follow dirty way :-/ Probably using $(window).load(function() to be sure that iframe is loaded properly.

Thanks for any hint.



Add a lang=“fi” attribute to your a.twitter-timeline fallback content for interpretation by Twitter’s JavaScript when rendering the page. If a parent element in the DOM declares a lang attribute the Twitter JavaScript should inherit that language context.

<a class="twitter-timeline" href="{screen_name}" lang="fi" data-widget-id="{widget_id}">


<html lang="fi">
<a class="twitter-timeline" href="{screen_name}" data-widget-id="{widget_id}">


Thank you niall, that’s exactly what I want :wink:

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