How to change OAuth setting (path)? to authenticate


Hi there, I’m japanese. so poor at English. sorry


I try to develop I’m working on web application with twitter.

and I wonder,

How to change setting values of OAuth setting??

I want to change OAuth path.
like this. -->

because of the user session problem.

What i gonna do?

How can I change the OAuth path ?

I know like this.
*authorize path : sign in user and session is hold on~ only user can sign out.
*authenticate path: sign in user and session is auto sign out.

it that right?

This is my Twitter API app info.

OAuth settings

Your application’s OAuth settings. Keep the “Consumer secret” a secret. This key should never be human-readable in your application.

Access level Read, write, and direct messages
About the application permission model
Consumer key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdxxxx
Consumer secret xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWxxxxx
Request token URL
Authorize URL


You have to configure your OAuth client to use for the authorize endpoint. OAuth client libraries will allow you to configure this value.

The value displayed on is just a reminder. You are not forced to use what is displayed there.


I’m using scribe libraries on java for web application.
So you mean, The path can be changed by only in the scribe library?
is that right? but I cant’t find the path URL in that library.
this library.
there is nothing like a URL
then, how can we configure the value?
please help me anybody.


The URL is hardcoded in this file:


Both URLs are hardcoded in that file, actually. You can use either one, you just need to specify the right API class.

To use the “authenticate” endpoint:

OAuthService service = new ServiceBuilder()

TwitterApi.Authorize.class is functionally equivalent to TwitterApi.class, I believe, since “authorize” is the default endpoint.




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