How to change font size using css


Hello, I have a twitter timeline and need to change font size in css or Wordpress widget (font-size=“12px” doesn’t work). In a sidebar it looks fine, however I need it in the footer, and 18px is just way too big.

  1. Is there any way to change font size? I am quite good at CSS but Twitter timeline ignores all my custom css completely.

  2. Also, can I change font family to match my Wordpress theme?

Many thanks


Twitter embeds such as a timeline adjust the font size based on the specified width of the widget or its parent container. Explicitly specifying an embedded timeline width may provide a font size close to your target.

Twitter embeds do not support setting a custom font family.


Hey you can change the width of the widget and it will change the font-size. It is not a perfect solution but it can give nice looking :

<a href="…" data-width = ‘50’ … > For instance :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!