How to change API v1.0 to API v1.1


i’m truely new here, i recently figured out how to using oauth to get access token, but the access token cant be used in API v1.1
my question is , how to use API v1.1?
i checked the document, the sign-in-flow api in Api 1.0 and Api 1.1 are totally the same!


Access tokens from API v1 can be used with API v1.1. However, API v1.1 is stricter in its OAuth and HTTP implementations and will disallow many “close to correct, but not quite” requests that you may have gotten to work previously with API v1. Verify that you’re performing proper HTTP and OAuth and try again.


hummm, okay, thank you !


i got another problem now, i’m using 1.1/users/lookup.json
when i’m using post method, it’s okay
but when i’m using get method, it’s returns me code:32
i’m wondering how this happens


here is base string:


oh, i made a mistake, i was using API v1.0 on post method, when i change to API v1.1 , it shows nothing


can you tell how to change v1.0 to v1.1, post some snap shots