How to calculate twitter impressions for each single tweet but not through API



Hai All,
I was trying to write a formula for calculating impressions for each tweet of mine without any API. While doing this I got a doubt like what all should I consider to calculate impression for single tweet. As of now I am just considerung my followers count but that alone can’t equal to impression_count and moreover if I consider only followers_count then all my tweets will have same impression count. So I need some advices and responses from anyone to solve this.



Impressions count really implies a view of a tweet, and there’s no way to get that information through the general API, let alone with no API. As you correctly discussed, followers count is not that meaningful, because some are inactive, some may just be not online and miss the tweet, etc.

I prefer to use the term “engagement” which is either a retweet or a like. I get both of those through the API. Without using an API, I feel your options are fairly limited.