How to build API interface opening image, www, video, audio, geolocation inlines as in an example



Interested to have this code to open inlined web page and read my Timeline in multimedia mode.

Any idea ?


Too many categories but traffic is too low to get any response.


The Twitter website’s details pane is not part of the API – it’s just part of Twitter. You can build your implementation of a rich media experience by examining expanded URLs in [node:127] and mapping to a visual implementation, such as or authoring your own mappings.


Thanks Taylor

The issue is what is marketed is not what comes with the above example.

Just look at original offer.

And what about pricing ?


your second link is ok

but when I try to copy and paste the code I always get garbage characters to remove.
What’s wrong with twitter, not interested to provide clean examples, clean code ?


I just checked out What do we have to do to get a video player whitelisted to be seen in the details pane?

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