How to build a proper query on REST Search API



Okey, I’m new in the world of programming and I’m building a custom application to search for specific words that refer to occurrences of crimes in my city.
Currently my research structure is like this:

> query= ‘roubo OR assassinato OR assalto OR furto’
> for tweet in tweepy.Cursor(, q=query, since=‘2016-10-01’, count = 180, lang=‘pt’,geocode="-11.0056388,-37.2440494,60km").items():

My question is: How I rode my terms in the query is correct? When we separate the terms by a comma, the application returns 0 me and when I add more terms in addition to these, it also returns me 0 or only the last term results. How do I create a query that accepts various terms, like this example I showed?
Obs.: The syntax of the geocode is correct, taking into account that I am trying to analyze what my town say?


No one can help me?


You’re asking your question on a weekend, when many people are not paying attention to the forums - please be patient.