How to Apply Twitter Cards to All Pages on Website


This may sound like a stupid question that has a very simple answer, but is there a way to apply Twitter Cards to all the pages on a website? My cards have been verified and I’ve changed the code on my site - the example URL I provide works, but it doesn’t work for any other URL on my site. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks!


Hi Bluejay

Are you using a CMS? Usually these have a global header file for you.


Yes, I am using Blogger and pasting the code into the head of the HTML. The Twitter Cards are working on some of my pages but not all of them for some strange reason.

I did submit my example posts and they were validated, but any other URL on my site will not show the Twitter Card.


Strange, have you got an example of where it works and where it doesn’t work? Blogger might just be taking a while to update or pages/posts will have different templates.



Thanks! Here’s a link to one that does work:

And one that doesn’t.

I’ve tweeted them out from my other Twitter account. I checked, and both pages have search descriptions activated.


Hi @BlueJayHunter!

You can follow these steps to add Twitter Cards to your Blogger site:

Let me know if that works!


Thanks Ryan! I did use that guide to post to Blogger, and all seems to be okay at the moment.

The other question I had was, how do you get it so that the “snippet” is your search description from the post? Right now it’s just pulling the first few sentences from my page. Thanks!