How to apply for upgrading to Basic/Standard access?


I have Developer Access application (id:13803352) and want to upgrade to Basic/Standard for public release. Could you help me to upgrade? Thank you in advance.


Thanks for the question, @robo!

I believe @carmenjyuen can help with this.


Hi @robo,

Please book a meeting with me at to demo your platform, and have 2 testimonials from your clients ready as well (doesn’t have to be provided before demo).



Thank you @juanshishido and @carmenjyuen!

I was going to book a meeting from the link provided, but I’m based in Tokyo and only difficult times (midnight to early morning) are available. Is there any way to book other times?

Thanks in adv.


@carmenjyuen @juanshishido
Hi, I joined the video call on google hangouts at the time of appointment I booked but nobody answered.
How can I reach you…?


Hi @robo,

So sorry for missing the meeting. I will email you for next steps instead of an in person meeting due to the time difference and holidays.