How to add Twitter summary Card for Blogger Dynamic Views


I want to add twitter summary cards to my bloggers dynamic view. How can I do that.
Please help!


Srikar, please check the documentation for [node:15807] and add the appropriate meta tags to your pages.

Once you are done, use the validator to verify that your Twitter Cards markup is correct and request approval for your domain name:


Romain, This is the blog I’m talking about.

The one you mentioned is for one single post. However, twitter has this easiest way to enable cads for blogger site

I added the code exactly where twitter asked bloggers to do. When I enter URL in “Validate & apply”, I’m getting error “Invalid card type”


Hi Srikar,

Thanks for the update.

When you view source, it doesn’t look there are any meta tags on your site. Specifically, on this URL:

It’s hard to tell what specifically is going wrong. Do you happen to have other customizations that would be preventing the Card tags from showing? Also, are you able to strip down the other items in the template to see if there’s a conflict of the existing tags with the Twitter Card template tags?


Yes, there are no meta tags enabled.

  1. Won’t “data:post.snippet” take posts first few lines.
In the above link, you have try cards tab, I checked the terms in this ( & entered individually.
2. The problem is with this “twitter:image:src”. If I enter any of these “data:post.firstImageUrl” “data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl”, I’m getting error message as Invalid URL.