How to add multiple twitter account dynamically in same twitter widget?


how to add multiple twitter account dynamically in same twitter widget ??


Our Twitter web widgets do not support multiple accounts, you need to create separate widgets.


Create a search widget
Where search is perform dynamically (Is this Possible ?)


I’m not sure what you mean by “search is performed dynamically”.

You can certainly specify a search term for a widget, but you cannot alter the search terms dynamically, they are part of the widget specification.


How to use data-screen-name or data-user-id in place of data-widget-id for multiple account ?


All of the documentation for timeline widgets is available on our dev site.


A widget ID stores preferences across multiple widget instances. If you would always like widgets on your site to display with a dark theme for example, you might set up a widget ID with theme=dark and manage these preferences through the widgets manager.

Widget ID is required. You can override values set in the widget ID by including data-screen-name in your generated markup. You should swap out the fallback link and the inner text of the anchor when you make this customization:

<a class="twitter-timeline" href="{screen_name}" data-widget-id="{widget_id}" data-screen-name="{screen_name}">Tweets by @{screen_name}</a>


It’s work for single account , and what about when search is made for multiple account ??
how to separte each account in data-screen-name ?

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