How to add a "locations" filter to a "track" request?


Hey everyone,

I’m messing around with the streaming API, but I can’t figure out how to stream specific key words from specific places using longitudes and latitudes. I can do both independently, but how to add the two for one single research? I’m using Twurl on a Mac.

Any advice would be great!



You can’t the way you would like to. When used together the track and locations parameters are OR’ed not AND’ed. In other words, you will get any tweet that matches either.

Instead, stream with only the locations parameter and then in your code filter for your tracking word(s).


Hey, thanks for the answer, much appreciated!

Ok, I see what you mean. Then it means that it will make things a bit harder for me, but if I have no other choice, I guess I’ll have to make my corpus MUCH bigger!

Thanks again for the help!