How soon should I call showFromViewController to show an interstitial ad when the ad is ready?


I started the integration of interstitial ads. I followed the documentation:

  • Call -loadAd
  • Implement the callback -interstitialDidLoadAd
  • call -showFromViewController to show an ad

How soon should I call -showFromViewController to show the ad after it is loaded? Is there a expiration of the fetched ad that ad won’t be shown if it is expired?



Hello pixelbotstudios,

The cache of the interstitial ad will expire when the app is closed.

With this being said, we recommend that you load() as close to the point that you will show the ad as load() will cache the interstitial, firing an ad request tracker. If this ad is not shown, this will contribute to lower fill.

Let us know if you have any further questions or need any clarifications on this.



Thanks Ed.

I would like to show ad as soon as I can as well. However, some time it is hard to predict when the ad will be shown after it is cached. So:

  • As long as the ad is in the cache (before ad is closed), it can be shown.
  • Even the ad is shown quite long time after it is cached (for instance, 1 hour), it will still be counted as a valid impression.

Am I correct on these?



Hello pixelbotstudios,

As long as the interstitial is still in the cache, unless the cache is flushed (e.g. on app close or some other way), even after x amount of time, the show of the ad will count as an impression. If the ad can be viewed from the cache, the impression will be counted.

Each request will only count one valid impression for Marketplace ads if the ad shows.

I hope this clarifies the situation. Let us know if you have any further questions.