How should I create a signature, when I need a request token, but also need the signature to get a request token?


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I really puzzled at the moment, because I’m trying hard to send my first tweet via the API, but I’m stuck with creating the signature.
To build the signature I have to have an access token, as said here. Now to get an access token I do need a request token. (Reference).
And now comes the problem: In Obtaining request_token s it’s described, that I will need all the information from the Authentication header, which includes the signature. So how can I get past this?

Any help is appreciated! I think the solution is really simple but I just don’t get it…



I had the same problem and it took me ages to find the answer. Near the bottom of the Creating a Signature page ( it says:

“Note that there are some flows, such as when obtaining a request token, where the token secret is not yet known. In this case, the signing key should consist of the percent encoded consumer secret followed by an ampersand character ‘&’.”


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