How Request Usage is Calculated?


Can you please explain to me how “Request Usage” is calculated?

I just used the fullarchive endpoint using searchtweets python wrapper and after executing the code once I hit the request usage limit (100).

Below is how my api_config looks like:

from_date = 2017-01-01
to_date = 2019-01-22
pt_rule = google yahoo

results_per_call = 500
max_results = 50000

Is each pagination (“clicking next” in the result stream) counted as a request? If that’s the case, isn’t it impossible to collect a good amount of data?

By the way, pt_rule is correct right? it should bring all tweets with BOTH google and yahoo are tagged.

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Hello @zfrymk -

Each page does count as an additional request.

The rule that you are using will return those Tweets that include both keywords. If you want all Tweets that include either Google or Yahoo, you will need to use the following:
pt_rule = google OR yahoo