How often can my bot favourite specific Tweets?


Hi there!

I developed a bot to favourite specific hashtags. It was learning project, not to be a spammer or anything like that.

I was wondering how many times can my bot favourite a tweet before Twitter mark it as abuse?

Currently I have it refreshing itself every 1 minute and favourting around 10 tweets in that time (if there is 10 tweets of that hashtag, if not it just favourites what It can).

I looked at their TOS but it just said “Aggressive favoriting”.

Thanks for any help!


One of the issues with being precise about these things is that people (not suggesting that you are one of them!) will try to push the system to the limits. Additionally, the rules that our antispam system applies are adaptive based on unusual behaviour. That’s why we use language like “aggressive favoriting” - unfortunately I’m not able to tell you how that is defined precisely.


Thanks for writing in. Per our Automation Rules, You may not develop any application that allows for favoriting of Tweets in a bulk or automated manner. Automated favoriting based on hashtag is a violation of this policy.