How my application get to know that user is authenticated to Twitter successfully when I use a popup window for sign flow


I have done OAuth authentication forTwitter for my web application.
When user clicks on “sigin with Twitter” in my client I am opening a popup which redirects to a specified URL (for example, with Twitter). once user authorize/authenticated Twitter will redirect to the calback url that is specified in Twitter app.

Currently I see that only domain information of the callback url is used by Twitter for redirection (which is mentioned below the callBack url field in create new app form).
How do I redirect to an html page of my web application?

I remember that in some site, I have seen that we can connect not by redirect user out, but open a popup window for user to input credentials instead. After authentication is completde, the pop-up closed, the main page refresh with new content.

As mentioned in that you can “sign in with twitter” by opening a pop-up window.

This could be a very simple task with javascript, but I still can’t figure it out. I can open authentication URL in a pop-up window, but how to get the result & update the main page?

How do you guys are doing this?

Thanks in advance Please help.


Hi Guys,

Any thoughts on this ?

Thanks in advance


Hi anyone, i am also facing this issue.Has anyone done this?How to close the popup during callback?


“Connect with Facebook” implementation is much more well explained and much easier to integrate.


I also face this issue in twitter intigration. please let me know if you implement.