How much time should I wait between userTimeline request to make sure I don't get black listed?


I’m new to R and using the TwitterAPI, here is my code below, how many seconds should I put into sys.sleep to make sure I don’t make too many requests and get blacklisted.

for(i in 155:nrow(huntsmanRandomUnpro)) { huntsmanRandomUnpro$accessible_tweets[i] <- try(length(userTimeline(user = huntsmanRandomUnpro[i, 2], n = 3200, includeRts = FALSE, retryOnRateLimit = 2000))) Sys.sleep(10) }


The rate limit for the user timeline endpoint is 900 requests in 15 minutes for a user auth app.


Thanks for your response, do you think 1 second instead of 10 would be enough?