How much is 1%?




I haven’t found any clear answer regarding the 1% limit for the streaming API.

I understand that when extracting real-time tweets from the Streaming API, we are allowed to 1% of all the tweets “at any given time”.

I dont understand “at any given time”.

For example I extracted 100 000 tweets within 1 hour duration (from 6 to 7 )using the Streaming API. Does this means that during 6 to 7pm, 10 000 000 tweets were tweeted to twitter and so i extracted only 1%?

thank you


Are you using the sample endpoint, or the filter?

The basics here are that on average about 500 million Tweets are posted per day; so (roughly) up to 350,000 per minute; at 1% that’s around 3500 per minute, so more likely to be around 200,000 in an hour, but of course it will vary through a day, so I’d expect 100,000 to be in a reasonable range. “at any given time” would refer to the specific second(s) during which you’re connected to the stream.

If you’re using the filter / track, then you’re actually listening to all of the Tweets matching that filter which can peak at 1% of the firehose. So if you’re listening to #worldcup on a regular day, you’d “probably” get all the matching Tweets, since it’s unlikely that 1% of all traffic on Twitter is related to that event; but during that event happening (for example), the volume may be much higher, so you might miss some Tweets.

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